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Stream Lined Fire Engine
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The Dinky Stream Lined Fire Engine. In April 1936, Dinky Toys introduced the Streamlined Fire Engine, 25h, which cost 9 pence. From May through to December, the Streamlined Fire Engine appeared in the Dinky Toys advert within the Meccano Magazine. In July, 1936, the model featured on the magazine's prestigious penultimate page where, at a time of almost no colour printing, the page was tinted blue to denote its importance.

In 1953, the model was re-introduced and throughout the summer of that year, the model was advertised in the Meccano Magazine at a cost of 2/11. Although renumbered 250, between 1953 and 1958, the model had smooth black tyres, which were eventually replaced with treaded tyres. The model had a tinplate ladder and brass bell, with the appliances rear fittings painted silver. The model was discontinued in 1962.

The actual fire engine was manufactured by Leyland, the 'Cub' design and chassis, with Merryweather 'Limousine' bodywork and a range of fittings. Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, the Streamlined Fire Engine was popular with many brigades, including Bournemouth, London, Coventry, Stourbridge, Lancaster, Newcastle, Redcar and Carlisle. The vehicle was also exported to Austria.

Launched in 1936, re-issued in 1953, re-numbered in 1954 and deleted in 1962. The original price was 2/11 . It was available in red finish. Released as Dinky 250 in 1953 withdrawn as Dinky 250 in 1962.


tin plate base

Model features:

bell, ladder


fire and rescue


Made in England


cardboard box

Vehicle type:

Fire engine


cast ridged hubs, plain rubber tyres


no windows

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