Details of French Dinky 570 Peugeot J7 Van

French Dinky 570
French Dinky 570
French Dinky 570
 John Morris
French Dinky 570
French Dinky 570
 John Morris
French Dinky 570

The French Dinky Peugeot J7 Van. In 1967, after an eight year gap, French Dinky re-introduced model 570. The new model was not, however, an update of 570/1, the Somua Panhard Parisian bus, but the introduction of a new Peugeot J7 delivery van. Designated 570/2, the Peugeot J7 "Allo Fret" was 108mm long and cost Fr. 17 (new Francs). In the livery of "Allo Fret", a logistics company, the 570/2 version, introduced sliding doors, rear doors that opened and lifted, internal fittings, suspension and jewelled headlights. Its most distinctive feature was the blue plastic roof with an antenna, which was replaced by a white roof in the 1968 modification, 570/3. The model was withdrawn in 1971. Rare variants of the model include the orange, 570A, the Peugeot J7 "Autoroutes" and the 570P, the Peugeot J7 Pompiers. These were withdrawn in 1971 and 1972, respectively. The original price was Fr. 17 . It was available in red, blue finish. Released as French Dinky 570 in 1967 withdrawn as French Dinky 570 in 1972.

Model features:

aerial, roof light, sliding door


fire and rescue


cardboard box

Vehicle make:


Vehicle model:


Vehicle type:


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