Details of Corgi GS6 Rocket Age Set

Corgi GS6
Corgi GS6
Corgi GS6
Corgi GS6

The Corgi Rocket Age Set. The set consisted of:

  • Bloodhound Guided Missile
  • Launching Ramp
  • Loading Trolley
  • RAF Landrover
  • Thunderbird Guided Missile on Trolley
  • Decca Radar Scanner
  • RAF Staff Car
  • Radar Van
The original price was 57/6 . It was available in various finish. Released as Corgi GS6 in 1959 withdrawn as Corgi GS6 in 1960.



Model features:

rocket, tow hook


cardboard box

Vehicle make:

Karrier, Land Rover

Vehicle type:

utility vehicle

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