Details of Scottoy 03 Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Scottoy Alfa Romeo Giulietta
 Jose Heraud
Scottoy Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Scottoy Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Series 1 had a riveted Mercury type baseplate with the number removed. The last 15 were assembled with screws. Series 2 was a Zamac prototype without mold marks with a Scottoy base with screws , glass and interior.

ColourYearsSeriesNo madeComment
Light blue 1994/5 S1 135
red 1994/5 S1 135
Green 1994/5 S1 135
Black 1996 S1 15 Colour test, of which 7/8 produced with Mercury baseplate
Light blue 1999 S2 65
Racing red 1999 S2 65
Cream 1999 S2 65
Black 2004 S2 36
Silver 1999 S2 210 A.R. GIULIETTA POLICE '56
Red 2004/6 S2 81 A.R. GIULIETTA Fire service 5 produced 2006
Red 2004 S2 76 A.R. GIULIETTA Esso
Red 1999/04/06 S2 85A.R. GIULIETTA M. ABARTH 5 produced 2006
Green 2001 S2 112 A.R. GIULIETTA POLICE '60
Red 2006 S2 24 A.R. GIULIETTA RACING (n. 121)
Silver 2006 S2 23 A.R. GIULIETTA RACING (n. 132)
Green 2006 S2 40A.R. GIULIETTA Military Italian Army
Gold 2006 S2 32ALFA ROMEO Giulietta 50* Mercury box
Racing red 2006 S2 32White tyres
Silver 2006 S2 32White tyres

In total 932 models were produced.

It was available in Light blue, red, green, black, gold, silver finish at scale. Released as Scottoy 03 in 1994

Model features:

chrome bumpers, chrome grille, chrome headlights

Vehicle make:

Alfa Romeo

Vehicle model:


Vehicle type:

saloon car


chrome hubs


no windows

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