Details of Scottoy 06 Cadillac Eldorado

Scottoy 06
 Jose Heraud
Scottoy 06
Scottoy 06
 Jose Heraud
Scottoy 06
Scottoy 06
 Jose Heraud
Scottoy 06

The Scottoy Cadillac Eldorado.

Series 1: Base marked Mercury but with no number. Early models had a chrome base. All but the last few had rivets holding the base. Screws were used on the last few.

Series 2: Bigger with different glass and dashboard.

ColourYearsSeriesNo madeComment
Black1994/5/6 S1 90
Red 1994/5/6 S1 85
Red1996 S1 5 screwed baseplate
Light blue1994/5/6 S1 70
Yellow1994/5/6 S1 70
Medium blue1994/5/6 S1 30 colour error
Pink1998 S2 32 limited edition (Bruce Sterling)
Bright red 1998 S2 85
Green1998 S2 87
Ivory1998 S2 95
Blue France1998 S2 85

734 models produced in total.

It was available in orange, pink, red finish at 1:48 scale. Released as Scottoy 06 in 1994 withdrawn as Scottoy 06 in 1998.

Model features:

chrome bumpers, chrome grille, chrome headlights, detailed interior

Vehicle make:


Vehicle model:


Vehicle type:



black treaded tyres, chrome hubs



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