Details of Mercury 88B Saurer Furniture truck

Mercury 88B
 Jose Heraud
Mercury 88B

The Mercury Saurer Furniture truck. Very Rare.

  • 88 Furgone Saurer con cassone in plastica e porte apribili (Plain Saurer van with plastic body and opening rear doors)
  • 88A Saurer Van "Kehrli & Oeler" Berne
  • 88B Saurer Van "Dimenagements Natural le Coultre"
  • 88C Saurer Van "A. Welti-Furrer A.G."
  • 88D Saurer Van "Gondrand Traslochi"
These last four were done by request of Conte Antonio Giansanti-Coluzzi an important collector and investor in Mercury Toys from Switzerland exclusively for sale there. This model was 15cm long. Shown in the Mercury catalogue for 1959/60. The original price was 670 lire . It was available in red finish at 1:90 scale.


Natural Le Coultre

Model features:

2 tone paint


Made in Italy

Vehicle make:


Vehicle type:

removal van


chrome hubs, tyres with tread


no windows

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