Details of Scottoy 17 Vespa 125

Scottoy 17
 Jose Heraud
Scottoy 17

The Scottoy Vespa 125.

No. Model Colour Year No. madeNotes
17 Vespa 125 dark red, ivory, ice white, pink 1994
17 Vespa 125 Fiery red, green, yellow, light blue 1996
17 Vespa 125 dark green, white, ivory 1998
17 Vespa 125 French blue, light blue straw, ivory 2000
17 Vespa 125 Metallic green, silver, dark blue, gray 2002
17 Vespa 125 Amaranth 2004
17th Vespa 125 Cinquantenaire (gold standard) Gold 1997 500 special series
PR1 Vespa Kit 1995 150 Designed exclusively for modelauto UK

Total all series: 4800
It was available in dark red, ivory, ice white, pink, fiery red, green, yellow, light blue, dark green, white, ivory finish. Released as Scottoy 17 in 1994

Vehicle make:


Vehicle model:


Vehicle type:



chrome hubs, tyres with tread

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