Details of French Dinky 805 Unic Multibenne

French Dinky 805
 John Morris
French Dinky 805
French Dinky 805
 John Morris
French Dinky 805

The French Dinky Unic Multibenne. Advertised as new in the 1966 French Dinky catalogue, the yellow and grey colour scheme matched the Unic multibenne or skip carrier, 38A. In fact, on release, the new Unic Multibenne, 805, had a new colour scheme of a red zamac cab and black nose and wings and grey rear loading area. Whereas the Unic 38A had a skip attached to its moveable gantry, the Unic 805 skip carrier with a second carrier for a propane gas tank were removable from the gantry. The truck had black wheel hubs, with black square treaded tyres. Like 38A, the length of the truck remained 132mm but the price had not been fixed. Later, French Dinky set the price at 17.25fr, about £1/10/-.

By the time of the 1967 catalogue, the red and black version of the Unic truck, with its plastic accessories of the grey skip and the white 'Primagaz' propane tank had become established. On the models loading ramp, a black attachment assisted the raising of the accessories onto the body of the truck. The model's 1:55 scale meant that the truck utilised an HO scale tank from Hornby train sets. Launched in 1966, the model was withdrawn in 1971.

The original price was 17.25fr . It was available in grey & yellow, red & black & grey finish at 1:55 scale. Released as French Dinky 805 in 1967 withdrawn as French Dinky 805 in 1971.



Model features:

propane gas tank, skip


Made in France

Vehicle make:


Vehicle type:



tyres with tread



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