Details of Gama 9346 Magirus-Deutz (Iveco) feuerwehrauto

Gama 9346
Gama 9346
Gama 9346
Gama 9346

The Gama Magirus-Deutz (Iveco) feuerwehrauto. This Fire rescue Ladder could drive under low bridges / buildings (max. 2.9m). In Germany they call this fire apparatus a ‘DL(k)-..’ the character k stands for Korb which means with swing-ladder-basket. The ladder is in 3 parts, 1 removable hose reel with (red) hose at back, 2 blue flashing lights, 2+2 support legs, 1 removable swing-ladder-basket, steering, black interior. It was available in red & silver finish at 1:50 scale.

Model features:

blue ladder lights, detailed interior, mirrors, rotating turntable


fire and rescue


Made in Western Germany

Vehicle make:

Iveco, Magirus-Deutz

Vehicle model:

120-2, 120-25F

Vehicle type:

fire engine


red hubs, steering, tyres with tread



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