Details of Siku 1929 Mercedes Benz 312 D emergency Sprinter

Siku 1929
Siku 1929

The Siku Mercedes Benz 312 D emergency Sprinter. Limited edition for ‘R&V’ ambulance organization. The ‘R&V’-ambulance organization started in 1996. The call-number 906 on this model did exist between 1996 – 2005., ‘R&V’ also drove with the call signs: 73, 172, 173, 174, 175, 906, 907, 908, 909. The original ambulance on which the model was based was build in 1998 as MK-1 with Dutch car plate: RF-HT-35 and call sign 906. The ‘R&V’-ambulance organization was working in region/province of western Utrecht from 1998 on. The 312 D emergency sprinter had a 5 Cyl. 2874ccm – 122Hp – 900kW motor. It was available in yellow finish at 1:55 scale. Released as Siku 1929 in 1999

Model features:

opening rear doors, roof light


(regional) EMS ambulance “Rijn & Venen”


Made in Germany

Vehicle make:

Benz, Mercedes

Vehicle model:

312 D, Sprinter

Vehicle type:



tyres with tread



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