Vehicle model: 24 CT Coupe

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French Dinky
Panhard 24 CT Coupe
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French Dinky 524 Panhard 24 CT Coupe

The French Dinky Panhard 24 CT Coupe. This 100mm long model had glass covered headlights, windows, with those in the door able to slide up and down. There was red or dark grey upholstery and fittings, the car had suspension and "prestomatic" steering. Costing 5 Fr. (revalued Francs), the Panhard 24 CT sold in the UK for 7/11. The model came in dark grey, white Bronze and green, as shown in the 1965 catalogue. The 24CT represents Panhard's last production car, with the parent company, Citroën, switching production at its Ivry plant to meet the increasing demand for 2CV vans. available in black, white, bronze, green finish. French Dinky 524 in detail...