Vehicle model: 2501 Noratlas

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Nord 2501 Noratlas
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Dinky 804 Nord 2501 Noratlas

The Dinky Nord 2501 Noratlas. In July 1960, The French Meccano magazine commented, under the title, the reality of miniatures, that the French Air Force version of the Nord Noratlas represented the only aircraft introduced in 1959-60. Costing 5,75 Fr. (New Francs), about 11/6, the 116mm long model, with its 171mm wingspan, had aluminium-silver paintwork, with French roundels on the wings and twin fuselage booms, with tricolours mounted on the tail-fin rudders.

Designed by Jean Calvy, the aircraft was manufactured by the Sociète Nationale Constructeurs Aèronautiques and first flown in 1949. This popular medium-size transport plane was built to replace captured German Junkers 52 planes and US war-surplus C-47s. Favoured for dropping paratroops from its large, clamshell shaped rear cargo doors, the aircraft outperformed the American, Fairchild C-82 Packet. Powered by two Snecma-Bristol Hercules engines, the Noratlas could attain a maximum speed of 440 km/h. Despite its military successes, with about 425 built for the French, German, Greek, Portuguese and Israeli air forces, the aircraft was not so well-received in civilian, commercial aviation. The French Air force finally retired the aircraft in 1989. available in silver finish. Dinky 804 in detail...