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Maserati Racing Car
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Dinky 23N Maserati Racing Car

The Dinky Maserati Racing Car. In June, 1953, the Maserati, 23N, became the fifth in the series of new racing cars introduced during that year. The 3 ¾ inch long model cost 2/8 and was finished in the racing colours of Switzerland. The red painted bodywork has a white flash running down the bonnet to the grille. The model possesses the robust axle mountings typical of the series, ribbed wheel hubs and grey or black 20mm round treaded tyres. The car carries a race number, ‘9’, on either side of the rear cowl. By the late autumn of 1953, the price of the model fell to 2/6 in line with other models in the series. In 1954, the Maserati was renumbered, 231 and as such it remained in production until 1964, when it was deleted.

From 1947-1956, Maserati built racing cars in Italy. The Dinky Toys model was based on their 4CLT/48 racing car, which had a 1.5 litre supercharged engine and the ‘T’ standing for tubular chassis. The engine produced 260bhp. Designed by Ernesto Maserati, developed by Giocchino Colombo and constructed by Medaro Fantuzzi, the car built on some of the early work done by the Maserati brothers, who developed the car’s 4-cylinder in line engine. The car was nicknamed the “sanremo” from the name of its first race in 1948. British driver, Reg Parnell, and Italian, Villoresi won five races during that season. In 1949, the team were joined by Juan Manuel Fangio and Baron Toulo de Graffenried, who won the British Grand Prix. In 1950, at Monaco, Louis Chiron drove to third place. The Maserati had several notable successes with the car, including a second place in the Monaco Grand Prix (1956), but later versions of the car were dogged by engine failures.

Dinky Toys use of the Swiss national racing colours for the Maserati model, 23N, came from the successes of ‘The Scuderi Enrico Platé’ (The Enrico Platé stable), a Swiss-based team, who raced Maserati cars during the early 1950s. During this period, the team had three main drivers: Prince Bira of Thailand, Harry Schell and Baron Toulo de Graffenried. The Platé team recognised the shortcomings of the Maserati and their modified cars had a good measure of success racing in F2. In 1953, the team experienced financial difficulties and during 1954, Enrico Platé died in a racing accident in Buenos Aires. available in Red finish at 1:38 scale. Dinky 23N in detail...