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Bedford TK Crash Truck
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Dinky 434 Bedford TK Crash Truck

The Dinky Bedford TK Crash Truck In April 1964, the Meccano magazine announced a new Dinky Bedford TK Crash Truck, numbered 434. At about 43/4 inches, 122mm, long and in the white and green livery of The Rank Organisation`s Motorway Services Division, the magazine advertised the new model at a cost of 7/11. The model sat alongside the metallic red and white `Auto Service` version already available. Many of the components of this model were used by French Dinky in their Berliet GAK dépannage, 589 and 589A, the chassis being clearly identified by the model number and the words `Crash Truck`. Model 434 was withdrawn in 1971.

During 1959, Bedford ceased production of their popular `S` type and replaced the vehicle with the new Bedford TK. Bedford produced two versions of the TK model with either an inline 4 or 6 cylinder petrol or diesel engine. The (4x4) military version became known as the Bedford TM.

The Rank Organisation, with its famous Gongman logo, actually struck by percussionist the late James Blades, largely engaged in film distribution. Its motorway services division managed and operated numerous functions at service areas across Britain. Designed by architects T.P. Bennett and Sons, their iconic service area, situated at Forton, near Lancaster, distinguished itself with a Gerry Anderson, `Thunderbirds` style restaurant and viewing platform at the top of a hexagonal tower. Closed to the public in 1989, `Pennine Tower` became a grade 2 listed building in 2012.Cost 7/11 available in met red/white, white finish. Dinky in detail...