Vehicle make: Auto-Union

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Racing Cars
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Dinky 23 Racing Cars

The Dinky Racing Cars. The set comprised of 23C, 23D and 23E.. Dinky 23 in detail...

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Auto-Union Racing Car
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Dinky 23d Auto-Union Racing Car

The Dinky Auto-Union Racing Car. Launched twice in the United Kingdom and once, in France, the Auto Union racing car, 23d, first appeared in 1936. The pre-war version had no driver and a baseplate clipped into position, although some later pre-war models did have a driver and a round riveted baseplate. In 1936, the 100mm long model cost 7 old pence, which rose to 23 old pence, 1/11, by the time of the 1946, post-war relaunch.

In the UK version, rear axles extended through the rear wheel cowlings, which did not occur on the French model; mountings were within the cowlings. The ribbed wheel hubs replaced the earlier smooth type and were fitted with black herringbone tyres. Round rivets attached post-war baseplates. While in France, models had a single, sunken, central rivet. In the UK, the racing car came in a range of colours, silver, blue, red, green and yellow. Light green was the only colour used for the French version. The models carried a range of race numbers, 1-6.

In 1935, Auto Union built the actual 16-cylinder racing car for speed trials. Over a flying kilometre, the car reached 316 km/h.

Launched in the UK during 1936 and re-launched in 1946, the model was withdrawn in 1938 and deleted in 1950. In France, the Auto Union racing car was launched in 1950 and deleted in 1952. available in light blue,blue,green,silver,red,yellow finish. Dinky 23d in detail...

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Dinky Atlas
Auto-Union Voiture De Record
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Dinky Atlas 23D Auto-Union Voiture De Record

The Dinky Atlas Auto-Union Voiture De Record. available in green, red, silver finish. Dinky Atlas 23D in detail...

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Auto-Union Rennwagen
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Marklin 5521/2 Auto-Union Rennwagen

The Marklin Auto-Union Rennwagen.. Marklin 5521/2 in detail...