Vehicle model: Champ

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Austin Champ
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Dinky 674 Austin Champ

The Dinky Austin Champ. Shown as new this month the July 1954 edition of Meccano magazine for 3/6. Shown on the February 1961 Dinky price list for 3/3 and in Dinky catalogue No6 May 1970 for 5/11.

The white one is painted by the factory on request of a client in Germany, so it's a code 2 model. It was only sold in Germany. Its the later model with plastic hubs and steering wheel, and no hole's in the seats.

available in green, white finish. Dinky 674 in detail...

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Military Vehicles (1)
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Dinky 699 Military Vehicles (1)

The Dinky Military Vehicles (1). Gift Set Advertised in the September 1958 Meccano Magazine for 16/6. consisted of 3-ton army wagon, army 1-ton cargo truck, Austin Champ and Armoured personnel carrier. available in olive drab finish. Dinky 699 in detail...