Vehicle model: Commodore

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Hudson Commodore Sedan
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Dinky 139b Hudson Commodore Sedan

The Dinky Hudson Commodore Sedan. There were several versions of this 1949 car. It was shown in the February 1954 Meccano magazine and it was renumbered to 171 available in blue & tan, cream & maroon, grey & blue finish at 1:47 scale. Dinky 139b in detail...

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Hudson Commodore
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Dinky 171 Hudson Commodore

The Dinky Hudson Commodore. Renumbered from 139b. Shown in the September 1956 Meccano Magazine priced 2/9. Deleted in 1959.

Many colour combinations including:- cream & maroon roof, dark blue & fawn roof, dark blue & grey roof, red & light blue sides, maroon & light blue sides, blue & grey sides and From 1958 red & light blue lower sides, blue & grey. available in many variations finish at 1:40 scale. Dinky 171 in detail...

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Opel Commodore
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Dinky 179 Opel Commodore

The Dinky Opel Commodore. available in met blue & black finish. Dinky 179 in detail...

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Commodore GS
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Schuco 811 Commodore GS

The Schuco Commodore GS. available in met. blue finish at 1:66 scale. Schuco 811 in detail...

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Opel Commodore Coupé
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Wiking 8n Opel Commodore Coupé

The Wiking Opel Commodore Coupé. available in white finish at 1:87 scale. Wiking 8n in detail...