Vehicle model: Constellation

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French Dinky
Lockheed Super Constellation
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French Dinky 60C Lockheed Super Constellation

The French Dinky Lockheed Super Constellation. Newly introduced in November 1956 and featuring in the 1957 catalogue as 60C, the Lockheed Super G Constellation cost Fr.635 (old Francs). Silver throughout, the 181mm length of the dolphin-like fuselage distinguished this model, with its 197mm wing span. The wing shape had been modelled itself on the highly successful World War 2 fighter, the Lockheed P38J Lightning. The 40-seat airliner was the first to be fully pressurised and Air France took delivery of the first of five Super G Constellations in 1946. Operating on the Paris (Orly) - New York route, this piston-driven aircraft was made obsolete by the introduction of jet-power. Renumbered 892, the model was withdrawn in 1959. available in silver finish. French Dinky 60C in detail...