Vehicle model: GAK

Small picture of French Dinky 589
French Dinky
Berliet GAK Dépannage
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French Dinky 589 Berliet GAK Dépannage

The French Dinky Berliet GAK Dépannage Between 1965 and 1971, French dinky produced two recovery vehicles based on the Berliet GAK. When introduced, the Berliet GAK numbered 589, cost was Fr. 9.75 (new francs), about 14/-. The 122mm long truck relied upon the chassis of the British Bedford TK (434) and shared many of its parts. The Berliet GAK, however, was red throughout, with an antenna on some later versions, and flashing light on the cab roof and the white or yellow lettering, 'Dépannage', along each side panel. The earlier version, 589/1 has yellow lettering and 589/2, white. In reality, the Berliet GAK replaced the GBL model and weighed 8.5 tonnes. The truck had a 6-cylinder 4.73 litre Cummins engine, which produced 89 horsepower. The model truck was one of the first French Dinky trucks with plastic windows and then, suspension. The model was withdrawn in 1969.Cost 9.75 Fr available in red finish. French Dinky in detail...