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Lone Star
Pan American Airways Boeing 707
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Lone Star ? Pan American Airways Boeing 707

The Lone Star Pan American Airways Boeing 707 There were five aircraft made by Lone Star, in the Series Aircraft of the World, made during the 1960-70's.
,br] They all came in blue cardboard boxes with a typical B-707 Jet shown on all, but inside the plane could be different, and the type shown on the side of the box. The features of each plane were shown under the fuselage and wings. Each box contained decals and transfers to be placed on each plain silver finished cast model, including paint. Other models came completely factory finished. There were no numbers assigned to each plane which were:

  • Pan American B-707 passenger jet
  • BOAC Comet 4 passenger jet
  • British Commonwealth Bristol Britannia propeller plane
  • Air France Sud Aviation Caravelle 210 passenger jet
  • Aer Lingus Vickers Viscount propeller plane
available in silver finish at 1:250 scale. Lone Star in detail...