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Army Covered Wagon
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Dinky 623 Army Covered Wagon

The Dinky Army Covered Wagon. The first production of this popular model was without a driver, released in March 1954 with a price of 3/7. This price remained constant until June 1955 when it was increased to 4/-. Another increase occurred in April 1956 to 4/3, which dropped to 4/2 in May 1959. Shown on the February 1961 Dinky price list for 4/6. In May 1961 it was still 4/6, and a year later it went up to 4/8.

The Covered Wagon made its last appearance in the May 1962 catalogue, and had been deleted by the end of that year. It was based on the World War II Bedford 3-ton QL truck which was the most common British-made 4x4 truck for British Forces between 1941 and 1945. It had a Royal Armoured Corps sign at the front and rear and a driver.
Thanks to Major James Augustus for this.

available in green finish at 1:60 scale. Dinky 623 in detail...