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French Dinky
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French Dinky 14 Triporteur

The French Dinky Triporteur. In the 1935 catalogue, French Dinky launched the Triporteur and re-launched the model after the Second World War in 1949. Between 1936 and 37, The French Meccano Magazine advertised the Triporteur in a series of illustrations, which included the early blue tinted pictures and a composite of models in the 1937 catalogue. The model remained in the French Dinky catalogue until its withdrawal in late 1953.

French Dinky produced three iterations of the Triporteur. From 1935-39, the 70mm model cost 5 francs (about 6d.) and was distinguished by its Dunlop tyres. From 1940-49, the same model had metal wheels and still cost 5fr. Between 1950 and 1953, the third and final iteration cost 130 fr. (almost 3/-), had ribbed wheel hubs and M-type tyres, which were either black or white depending on the colour of the casting, either red or green. The model was deleted towards the end of 1953.

The French Dinky Triporter, 14, is based on the Peugeot t55 cargo bike, which had a box resting upon a chassis between two front wheels, with its rotating body pivoting around a central axis. At the rear the 125 cc, single cylinder, two-stroke motorcycle engine produced 4.5 horsepower and would carry a 150Kg load on 550x85 tyres at a top speed of 50 Km/H, with a fuel consumption of 3 litres per 100 kilometres. Renowned for its economy, the Triporteur was popular throughout France and the Netherlands. After 20 years in the Peugeot catalogue, the Triporteur was finally removed in 1958.

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