Corgi 802

details of this model... Corgi 802 Picture thanks to Menahem Yachad

A Century of Cars (Corgi)

A fornightly magazine partwork each with a Corgi or Solido car published by Hachette in 2004/5


Corgi toys were introduced in 1956 by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. They were made in Swansea. Corgi toys often included innovative features not available from other makers at the time. The Corgi toy era ended in 1983 though the name lived on as Corgi Classics, part of Mattel.

Corgi Classics

Introduced in 1964 Corgi Classics were designed for collectors. The range was discontinued in 1969 though the name was reused in the 1980's.

Corgi Cubs

Corgi Junior

In 1970 Husky models were relaunched as Corgi Juniors.

Corgi Rocket

In late 1969 Corgi Rockets were introduced with a seperate removable chassis and a Golden Tune-Up Key.


Husky toys were introduced in 1964 by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd to compete with Matchbox. All the early Husky models had chrome plated plastic bases with suspension and grey plastic wheels. They were renamed Corgi Juniors in 1970.