Matchbox 50 pre-prod. colour

details of this model... Matchbox 50 pre-prod. colour Picture thanks to Mathias


Introduced in 1953 a range of models were numbered from 1 to 75. They were small enough to fit in a matchbox sized box.

Matchbox Accessory Pack

Accesories for Matchbox cars.

Matchbox Collectables

Lather Matchboxes for collectors.

Matchbox King Size

Larger size Matchbox vehicles.

Matchbox Major Pack

Matchbox Major Packs were introduced in 1957 and where often Larger vehicles.

Matchbox Mattel Wheels

Later Matchbox under Mattel Ownership.

Matchbox Models of YesterYear

A range of historic vehicles.

Matchbox Superfast

Matchbox fitted with Superfast wheels